You Belong At Chatfield

Does going back to college seem like an impossible feat, something you could only dream about? Did you just graduate high school and decide you aren’t smart enough for college? Do you feel like you are out of options and have no where to turn?

If you are guilty of thinking these thoughts, you are wrong. 

There is a place for you at Chatfield College, where we are in the business of making your big dreams come true. 

Chatfield College is a small, faith-based Liberal Arts college with locations in St. Martin, Ohio and the historic Findlay Market neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio 


About chatfieldcollege

In 1845 The Ursuline Sisters came from France and founded a chapter in Brown County, Ohio. They were led by Julia Chatfield, the namesake of the college. From little more than a single log cabin that the sister built themselves, the convent grew to hold nearly 150 women. In 1958, the sisters opened the Ursuline Teacher Training Institute in order to train the women to better serve the community. In 1971 Chatfield College opened to the public and has been growing ever since. With more than 500 students, Chatfield offers a big college education with a small town feel.
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